Fished at Eyebrook the day after we laid to rest one of our valued helpers of th EDFF, Paul Crane, the day was about the perfect day for fishing, the wind had changed from the cold wet Northerly of the weekend to a gentle Southwesterly breeze with light cloud cover.  The day was fished to a 3 fish limit, and severla limits wer taken, and a lot more returned.  Top man for the day was Stewart Hume with a top weight of 7lb 7oz, and best fish at 3lb 3oz. John Thompson and Jim Watts tied for 2nd place with 5lb 15oz apaiece, and next best was Ian Bradfield with 3fish for 5lb 10oz.  Reports were that certain parts of the reservoir wer like a stewpond with fish rising all round the boats.

At the end of the proceedings the anglers were treated to one of Pauline's and Mike's stews, which went down well with everyone. Our thanks again to Ifor and his staff, and also our Helpers Mark Goodge, Ian Bradfield and Shaun Higgns for all their help and boundless energy throughout the year.


Fished at Eyebrook on 5th September, with a cloudy start, brightening slightly through the day with a gentle Westerly breeze, and a maximum temperature of 19deg. The water was cooling down a bit from the hot summer, and fishing was getting decidedly easier, for some at least. The fish were still a bit shy, and there were several hard luck stories of fish showing, and pulling at the flies and not hooking up, but most were taken near the surface, on the usual flies, small boobies, blobs and nymphs. At the weigh in Mike Hill was top man, both with top weight of 14lb 1oz, and best fish at 2lb 8oz.  Every member caught fish, and rod average for the day was 3.6.

The team to fish for England in May 2019 at Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, is Mike Hill, Bob Cooper, Jim Watts, Trevor Ashby, Peter Mansell, Horace Wood and Stewart Hume. The reserve will be a first timer, John Salisbury, in his first year fishing with us, which is a great achievement.  Captain for 2019 will be Bob Cooper. If the mayfly play along in Ireland, 2019 could be a great experience for all the anglers, we'll have to wait and see.

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