Postponed from Sunday 24th September on the promise of gales which came a day earlier, and never really materiallised  to Sunday 14th November, where the Maximum temperature for the day was at Midnight at 19deg, and then falling quickly through the whole day, Hovering around the 7 to 8 deg mark. Couple this with a steady light rain getting a bit heavier throughout, and a N/NW wind at 10-15 mph did not do a lot for the fishing or the anglers. Neverles 20 hardy souls went out to do battle, to a 3 fish limit, and Shaun Higgins and Stewrt Hume manage their limit for the EDFF, as Ian reeves and Rob Inglis did for the Eyebrook Regulars. At the weigh in the Regulars won the trophy by just over a pound in weight, so we now look forward to getting the trophy back next year.  Thanks to Ifor and his staff for their help again.  

Rutland Day Fishery Rules 4th July 2018

12 members turned up for the day afloat at Rutland, with the weather very similar to the previous year, when fishing was extremely difficult, A bright sunny day with a North or Northeasterly breeze all day, but this year fishing was better with the aerators in the main basin working, and fishing quite reasonably. At the end of the days fishing the anglers had a rod average of 3 1/4, which was a lot better than last year, most of the fish were taken near the aerators or from the dam to the aerators. Team members Stewart Hume, and Jim Watts, plus associate member John Thompson all had 6 fish limits, with Stewart having the top weight for the day of 13ib 12oz.  Jim also had a 3lb 2oz rainbow, but the trophy awarded for the biggest fish went to Team Helper Ian Bradfield who had 5 fish, and a rainbow an ounce bigger than Jim's at 3lb 3oz. Everyone enjoyed the day out, even though it got quite warm in the afternoon, but the lads have had plenty of this weather through the season to get used to it. I don't know what they will do if it rains!

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