Day out at Stocks Reservoir 16th May 2018

A new venture for the EDFF arranged by two of our Northern members and England Team stalwarts, Bob Cooper and Stewart Hume, this looks as if it will be a permanent fixture for this time of the year. Bacon sandwiches and tea and coffee were supplied prior to fishing, this is always a good ploy, and fishing was going to be a bit of a challenge as there was a good dousing of rain overnight to colour the water a bit. We were pleased to welcome Andrew Howard IT Manager at Closomat, our Floating Line Comp sponsor, for a day out with the EDFF members.  Andrew had done some fishing prior to this trip, but not a lot of fly fishing, but he, as well as the other anglers, thoroughly enjoyed their day out  Top man for the day was Local man Bob Cooper, closely followed by Stewart Hume, and our thanks go to the staff at Stocks for making us most welcome and for a great day out.

Floating Line Comp Eyebrook 6th June 2018

Fished at Eyebrook on a sunny breezy day, the flostimg line competition, kindly sponsored by one of the EDFF's main sponsors, Closomat, was always going to be a testing day out. The wind had been in the North or Northeast for about a month and bright sun for quite a few of those days, with the odd cloudy day, when fish were about and sometimes could be tempted, and only allowed to use a floating line was always going to be challenging. There were reports of fish being seen at the surface, but very diffcult to catch, and seemed to be feeding well on pin fry.  As was thought, the top rod for the day was Mike Hill with a couple of fish, and the largest fish was taken by Stewart Hume, but the main thing was everyone enjoyed the day out, and with another superb buffet supplied by Pauline, everyone was happy.

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